The 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival


CHAN SO YI from S.5A won the 3rd place in the 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival under the

category of Vocal Solo – Chinese – Alto - Secondary School – Age 19 or under. 

Congratulations SO YI! Keep it up!



YAN ZIJIE from S.4C won the 2nd place in the 67th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival under the

category ofVocal Solo – Chinese – Tenor – Secondary School – Age 19 or under.

Congratulations ZIJIE! Keep it up!




Congratulations to our Dodgeball Team! They got the Champions of Inter-school Competitions!





節錄 :







World Healer 5

The International Knowledge Building Project 2014-2015, also known as World Healer 5,


is a joint project between our school and IE Costa i LLobera of Barcelona.On 28 January 2015,


students from these 2 schools held a video conference in which theysharedon their latest information


about their school and city. They also shared the latest conservation action plans and ways to


reduce the ecological footprints. This was in fact the first part of the project.


The video conference also marked the set off of Part 2 of this project.


In Part 2, studentsfrom these 2 schools will continue sharing their views and


ideas with the aim of designing a product that can be used in school to lower our ecological footprints.






Purpose :

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Delia Group of Schools, we invite all our
students, parents, staff and alumni to enlist their creativity to come up with a slogan
which will be used in promoting our 50th birthday.


Eligibility :

All students, parents, staff and alumni of Delia Group are eligible.

Participants are welcome to submit entries to English and/or Chinese categories.
Participants may only submit one entry to each category.


Theme :

The slogan should complement the 50th Anniversary of Delia Group of Schools.

Contents of the slogan may well be, but not limited to, educational, motivational,
historical, etc.

Participants are reminded to ensure that their entries are not in any way similar to
existing slogans or other copyrighted slogans.


Submission and Deadline:

December 5th, 2014 (Friday) at 5pm


Entries can be submitted online at :


Or can be sent to:  The School Office of any Delia schools


Application Form :






GP Family @ PTI 2014-2015


The Greatest Pretender 超級扮嘢王


Christmas Party 2014