Habitat: Project Home WorksDate : 24/10/2015 (Sat)



Assemble Time & Place: 12:15pm /  NLCC Ho Man Tin Social Centre for the Elderly

                               Unit 11, G/F, King Man House,

                               Ho Man Tin Estate, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon

Dismissal Time & Place: 5:00pm / Ho Man Tin Estate

Activity Venue: Ho Man Tin Estate, Sheung Lok Estate (we will serve 5 elders)

Type of Work: Wall painting, fix peeling ceiling, minor repair and maintenance


1)          Exit B2 of Mong Kok MTR (Fife Street) Take MiniBus (Green) No. 28M, get off in Ho Man Tin Bus Terminus.

2)          Take MiniBus (Red) in Mong Kok (Fa Yuen Street) Public Light Bus Terminus where near Sai Yee Street Park, get off in Ho Man Tin Bus Terminus.

3)           Take No. 18 of KMB (the direction from Tonkin Street of Shamshuipo to Oi Man Estate), get off in Ho Man Tin Bus Terminus.



Class Arrangement 2015-2016


                                                                     Format         Download 

S1                                                                   PDF                  



S2                                                                   PDF                  



S3                                                                   PDF                  


S4                                                                   PDF                  


S5                                                                   PDF                  


S6                                                                   PDF                  




Admission of HKDSE S6 Repeaters


申請資格: 所有修讀科目 ( 4個核心科目 + 2個選修科目 ) 成績達2級或以上。

選修科: A組 (生物/ 物理/ 企業、會計與財務概論/ 中國歷史)

               B組 (經濟/ 化學/ 資訊及通訊科技/ 旅遊與款待)

                      Ø  學生可從每組選修科(A & B) 中選修其中一科

                      Ø  選修科目為2 科

                      Ø  每組選修科內不能選擇多於一科


                                             1.    身份証明文件(正、副本)

2.    中五及中六校內成績表(正、副本)

3.    DSE成績單(正、副本)

4.    相片(一張)

5.    其他SLP文件(如有)



As No.8 Typhoon Signal will be hoisted by the Hong Kong Observatory, the ISO briefing at 8.00 pm tonight will be cancelled.

Parents will be contacted by our staff regarding the arrangement of the ISO program.

Students who are required to attend the academic ISO program must come to school between 13th and 31st July, 2015,

classes will be held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 


The following table illustrates the schedule of different ISO program:

English: 9:00 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Mathematics: 10:15 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Chinese: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


Visit Police Tactical Unit Passing Out Parade


2015 Christmas Party


GP's Got Talent


Excellent Work of Tessellation Workshop


Ng Teng Fong Scholarship Presentation Ceremony


Making Christmas Cookies


Visit to The Chinese University of Hong Kong


New Artwork in G/F