S.5 Study Tour (Guilin)

Our S.5 students visited Guilin and Yangshuo from 9th to 12th July 2016.  In the study tour, they learned more about the beautiful natural landscape of the sedimentary rocks in Guilin and Yangshuo. Besides appreciating the absolute beauty of nature, students also learned about the cultures and history of various ethnic minority groups in Guangxi Province.  



Inter-school Dodgeball Elite Championships

Dodgeball Team won the 2nd Runner-up in the Boys Junior grade Inter-school Dodgeball Elite Championships.

Congratulations Dodgeball Team! Keep it up!



Multicultural Days

2015-2016 Multicultural Days was held from June 1 to 3 at school. 



51st Speech Day

2015-2016 Speech day was held on 27-May-2016 at Delia Yuet Wah Branch. 



English Public Speaking Contest

Pang Suet Chu Anabel from S.5C won the 1st Runner-up in the English Public Speaking Contest.

Congratulations Anabel! Keep it up!



My GP Home, My Loving Classroom


S.5 Study Tour (Guilin)


Graduation Day


Putonghua Summer Camp


Inter-school Robot Competition


Inter-school Dodgeball Elite Championships


We are Delians


Football Competition (Mei Foo)